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About Us

Apex Footwear Ltd.


The journey of Apex Footwear Limited started more than two decades ago, from the inspiration of leather business & later curving its’ way into shoemaking.

Global Footprint: As the largest shoemaker in the subcontinent, Apex Footwear Limited company holds 15% share of leather footwear export in Bangladesh from $1.75 billion leather export. Shoemaking being a highly labor-intensive job, our company is home to 5500 workers mostly women to make stylish leather shoes. Our shoe design inspiration is taken from the latest international footwear trend. The influence is then converted to sophisticated leather shoes by in-house Italian & Taiwanese designers.

Local Footprint: With more than 250+ own retail outlets, 275+ franchisee and 150+ distributors, Apex Footwear Limited is the fastest growing company and currently has the largest footwear retail operations in Bangladesh. Being a footwear giant, Apex has employed more than 13,000 people and has been proactively compliant with Corporate Governance Compliance Report. Through its nine in-house brands, namely Venturini, Apex, Sprint, Maverick, Moochie, Nino Rossi, Sandra Rosa, Twinkler and SchoolSmart - Apex carries a huge selection of shoes, sandals and non-footwear items, ensuring that each of our valued customer finds the product that is just right for them.

“APEX” means the peak or the zenith. Since 1975 we strive to live up to our name.