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Apex Evaly Smart Gift Cards


Apex Smart Gift Card at EVALY

General FAQs


1. What payment method should I select when my bill value is higher than the gift card value?

Please select 'Cash-on-Delivery' as payment method and confirm your order. You can pay the additional amount to the deliveryman when you receive the product.


2. Do I have to purchase higher than the smart gift card value?

Yes. As per our system, you have to purchase higher than the gift card value. For example, if you have a gift card worth Tk. 10,000 then your bill value should be Tk. 10,001 or above.


3. How many times I will be able to use the Apex Evaly Gift Card?

 You can use it 'ONLY ONCE' and a single gift card can be used for one single invoice.


 4. Do I lose my smart gift card money if I purchase less than the gift card amount?

Yes. That is why we request you to purchase higher than your smart gift card value and then apply the code in 'Apply Coupon' section.


5. What happens if I apply my gift card code and do not confirm my order?

If you apply your gift card code in the 'Apply Coupon' section and after filling up the shipping information you do not confirm your order, your coupon code will be damaged. We request you to complete the entire process and confirm the order.


6. What happens if I bought more than one gift card and received multiple code in my registered Evaly contact number?

You must redeem each code for a single transaction. You cannot use multiple codes for a single transaction.


7. Do I have to pay shipping charge for my delivery?

Yes. You have to pay shipping charge when you will receive the product delivery.

8. What happens if my order get cancelled automatically due to the system related issue?

Please do not worry. If your order gets cancelled automatically due to any technical error, we will issue new voucher on your number.


9. How to exchange a product?

- You have request for exchange via email to our custome care: [email protected]

- Due to inlfux orders received in our system exchange products will be delivered within 60 working days from the date of your exchange request is recorded via email.

- Apex Product Exchange Policy: https://apex4u.com/return-exchange-policy.


10. What is the customer care details?

Email: [email protected]

Hotline: +8809617223344